Classroom artwork at Sinte Gleska University

In the WoLakota manner, I teach not by “presenting” but “doing in a good way”, completing projects side-by-side with students, often on the same projects as assigned to them.

Installation views, Assemblages and Paintings

Images are from solo exhibitions and installations


Development of new curriculum at SGU has limited personal studio production in painting, but I began a series of photographs.  The first (ongoing) has been presenting the same views in various seasons; one of the pasture across the road from my apartment in Valentine NE. The second view has been of the Minnechaduza river outside of Valentine, as seen while traveling to SGU in Mission SD.


A second major series occurred in March, while attending the American Indian Higher Education Consortium with my SGU students.  While they were in awe of the beautiful scenery, my focus was on the road between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  On my return trip (without students), I spent 18 hours taking snapshots of manmade items and signs co-mingling with nature's textures.  I only had my cell phone, and just a few minutes while parking alongside the roadside, seeking quick compositions and literally, “snapshots”